Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cold plus arthritis equals = pain

We, like everyone else, are experiencing extremely cold conditions. This has resulted in pain, stiffness and tiredness.

The temperatures have been down to minus 20 degrees at night and minus 10 degrees in the day. The mornings have left us without water and heating although until today they have come back on. Today we have no central heating and frozen pipes. Luckily we do have a wood burner and an open fire but this is insufficient to heat the upstairs where our daughter and her family live and they are desperately trying to get the pipes unfrozen. We telephoned several heating engineers but were running out of possibilities until one man took pity on us and is coming soon.

In an effort to keep warm we are drinking cups of tea and eating stews, casseroles and curries! Luckily these are all favourites of the families. We are all wearing layers too, which helps, but doesn't help to ease the pain. I have a thick pair of walking socks I bought many years ago when I was able to go hiking and these have been doing a sterling job.

The heating engineer has been and found a valve had been fitted wrongly. He has rectified the problem and now the heating has come on! Simple and effective.

My daughter is very pleased to have the heating back as she has been trying to potty train her little boy and he was not impressed to be doing so when he felt cold!

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