Friday, 18 May 2012

Back from the edge

The last few weeks have been rather difficult and I have been on the point of throwing in the towel.

I have developed yet another chest infection. As with the previous ones it started with a sinus infection. I called the doctor and she came out and, after examining me, she prescribed antibiotics, nasal spray and something for my chest as I was coughing a bit.

After almost two weeks I was coughing worst than ever. I saw another doctor and he prescribed antibiotic injections, powders for the cough, some tablets, an extra inhaler and steroid injections. To have the steroid injections I have had to stop the Prednisone tablets I take daily for the rheumatoid arthritis. He also prescribed a course of physiotherapy to help clear the stuff from my lungs. So my day is taken with visits from the nurse to give injections and the physio coming, also I do the exercises throughout the day.

I am hoping that this time the chest infection will clear up. It is annoying that I get the same thing every time and I have to go through antibiotics twice and whatever happens it always goes to my chest. My GP, the nurse and the physio all think that the methotrexate I have for my rheumatoid arthritis is to blame for the chest problems. My rheumatologist however, is reluctant to stop the methotrexate although he is happy to stop the Prednisone and I am decreasing the dose monthly.

I had the methotrexate injection yesterday, Thursday, and as usual today Friday I am exhausted, in pain and very down. I told the nurse and he said that it is very usual to have this and the forums I belong to have posts from people who experience the same symptoms after having the methotrexate. It lasts a couple of days and gradually I get back to normal but I hate Fridays!

I have also been seeing a neurosurgeon with regard back problems that have been with me for years. At the moment he cannot do anything about the problems I have with my upper back/neck area. He has said though that if I have a MRI scan of my lower back he will look at it and say if it is possible to help with that at it is stopping me from walking and doing exercise.

I went this week for the MRI and the doctor at the centre said that it shows bulging and wear and tear. Oh good! So I see the neurosurgeon again in a few weeks for his verdict. Now I know that no one really wants surgery, especially so invasive as back surgery but if it helps me to walk and exercise I am willing to go through it. The alternative is pain and difficulty in sitting, lying and worst of all walking and standing.

I feel that I miss out on doing things with my grandchildren like taking them out unless I have the wheelchair and that restricts the things I can do. I do crafts and cooking, things like that but it isn't the same.

I bought some eucalyptus tea which is supposed to be good for chest complaints and although the taste has to be aquired I am hoping it will work. I also found a remedy for coughs which involves slicing up red onions and letting them seep with sugar, honey or stevia overnight then drinking the syrup; a teaspoon at a time. I haven't got round the doing that but it looks good.

Not feeling up to doing things I haven't kept this up to date  but I hope that the corner has been turned and I can sleep better and find some energy.

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