Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pain, pain go away but don't come back another day.

In a lot of ways today has been one of the worst I have ever had. The herniated disc in my neck has been really bad which means I have pain from the top of my back right down my arm into my hand.

This means getting my husband to help me. He has been rushing around getting cold pads out of the freezer, putting a hot pad in the microwave and helping me get attached to my TENS maching. I explained where the sticky pads had to go and he was rooting around inside my nightie to stick the pads on the right places! Then it is finding the right connections, the white one on the bottom pad the red one on the top pad etc. So there he is almost strangling me while he tries to attach the snapper to the pad.

Then he says he will do the heat pad and bring some cold pads when the TENS has finished so we set the timer on the TENS and he goes to set the timer in the kitchen while the machine pulses away to, hopefully, get rid of the pain. No joy though. I have had hot pads, cold pads, TENS and painkillers but nothing has worked and I am still in pain and not able to get hold of the rheumotologist until tomorrow. I can't sleep because it so much if I lie down. It also hurts to sit down, stand up and and worst of all try to walk.

When he isn't getting pain relief he is rushing round like an idiot to pour me a drink, make tea, cook the dinner and cut mine up because even eating is difficult. As I need to test my glucose due to my diabetes he comes to help with that too. Then he sits down to watch his footie team to find the game has been postponed (no that isn't funny.)

Me I just lie here saying 'I can't ..............' I have to bang on the wall to get his attention which from my point of view isn't funny either just flaming painful.

He came in just now to ask if he could do anything. All I can say is I want to get rid of the pain and the only way that is going to happen is a doctor giving me a strong painkilling injection. When this happened last October I just got pain in my neck and a bit of shoulder pain but the numbness in my hand was the problem. Which got worse as the numbness spread up to my elbow. Now strangely the numbness I could cope with, it wasn't nice but this pain is unbelieveable.

I am wearing the neck collar that was given to me in October but it isn't doing anything to help.

A friend on facebook said perhaps I hade been typing too much, which is possible I suppose. But I cannot be sure. What I have wondered is perhaps a nerve is trapped, if so can it please extricate itself from where it has gotten itself trapped, thank you.

This is a whingeing blog today, I know and am sorry but sometimes it is essential to get these things off your chest.

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