Sunday, 8 January 2012

Teapot designs

I find teapots most reassuring. There is nothing more satisfying in winter than sitting by a fire with a hot cup of tea.

When I started thinking about the New Year I didn't want to make new year resolutions. I find that they are all broken by 1st February so I thought what can I do practically to change my life. So the first thing I had to decide was what do I like to do?

I made a list: photography, writing stories, writing poetry, writing articles about travel and tourism for disabled people, card making (where I can use my photography too), knitting and making fascinators.

Being in a wheelchair does have it's disadvantages. There are places that I can't get to but on the whole have wheelchair will travel. It doesn't stop me from doing things that I like though; perhaps just occasionally when the rheumatoid arthritis affects my hands.

Living in the middle of a national park has it's advantages in that I can visit beautiful surroundings all year round which makes photography a complete joy. I resource pictures and materials to make cards, use personal experiences to write stories, and poetry, find writing articles about travel and tourism for disabled people is easier when you can say been there done that.

I love to knit. However, if your hands feel like boxing gloves and you can't bend your fingers it makes knitting a bit difficult so I tend to do little and often.

My daughter married 28th December and she had ideas on what she wanted. Her daughter was to be bridesmaid so I made fascinators for head dresses. Both were delighted with them.

I wouldn't say I am perfect at any of my interests but I can have a darn good try!

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