Sunday, 8 January 2012

One step forward - two back

I was exhausted, in pain and feeling decidedly not well. In the night I woke unable to breathe, my right eye was numb and so was my right foot. I told my husband but he didn't know what to do and as I couldn't move alone I was left to go back to sleep. Today I have similar symptoms but as he is unwell due to driving all day I am just getting on with it.

The arthritis is very active in my neck, hips and back today. I have a funny hand which I can sort of cope with. When my husband is feeling like he is today I feel really guilty that I can't do very much to help. He is my carer so I rely on him and when he is ill we are both in trouble.

I am going to have to contact my Rheumotologist and explain what is happening with me and see what he suggests. I desperately want to come off of the Prednisone which he is aware of, but now I am on a very low dose and I am having such bad reactions I need some advice.

Fred my arthritis and I are not on good terms, he is making my life very unhappy, painful and downright frustrating. I can't do anything to satisfy him and his demands are unrelenting. At least calling him Fred means I have someone to blame!

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