Monday, 9 January 2012

Thank goodness for the teapot

Today I have had need of my Teapot. I woke not feeling too good and then, due to my arthritis, I fell.

I already have problems with my hip and back so it was those that were affected. The pain has been quite horrendous and I have had to rely on my husband to help me. I have been resting all day knitting, reading, watching television and surfing the internet.

To deal with the pain I tend to use painkillers, heat or cold pads (depending on where the pain is)and I also use my TENS machine. I use it when the arthritis is in my hips, back, knee, hand, elbow and shoulder. It is easy as you can just carry on as usual while the machine pulsates and helps relieve the pain. I also try and take my mind off of the pain; which is not always easy.

I had plans today too which is annoying. I wanted to make soup, prepare some meals for a couple of days and to take my computer to the computer doctor. I am borrowing my husband's computer at the moment and it is just not like having my own.

In some ways I am glad I didn't have to go out as since last evening the weather has been terrible. All night the wind howled around the house and rain lashed the window shutters. Today the wind howled in the chimney and I could see the rain pouring down and hitting the window panes.

I have plans for tomorrow so I am hoping the pain and the weather will have improved by then

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